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CMYK Profile on Clip Studio

As some of you know the main program I use is Clip Studio Paint EX. For me is one of the best programs to work with, has a lot of features and tools very helpful for digital artists.

I did this tutorial last year.

You can work from until the end just using the program, and if you're an artist that print their work is very useful to have a CMYK preview.

This is a step by step to set up the basic preview for color profiles:

1. Click on View button

2. Preview settings

3. Choose the profile according to the printing format you'll use

Make sure that the option "Save on canvas" is selected

4. Once is selected, click on preview

Here you can see the difference between the RGB and CMYK

How to export in CMYK

1. File - Export Single Layer and choose the format

2. Pay attention to the "Expression Color", and choose "CMYK Color"

And that's it!

Short and easy.

I'm going to keep doing more tutorials related to Clip Studio and how I paint. If you have any suggestions, please comment.


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