Character Design


Pyxis 2015
First official design.
Started as a character just created for fun.
The galaxy hair was very popular.
Pyxis 2015
Second drawing I did to show her full body.
She wasn't special, was an experiment.
Pyxis 2015
First outfit change.
The concept for her in this illustration was like an Earth lover, she still being one.
Pyxis 2015
Second outfit change.
Her concept turned into be an star.
Pyxis concept 2016
Full redesign of her. Here's when her current concept started to get stronger, but still wanted to keep so many different designs for her, so the change is part of her now.
Pyxis 2016
Play a lot with her trying different kind of styles.
Pyxis 2017
Her concept had a lot to offer so tried different things like animations and gifs.
Pyxis Pixel Animation 2017
Pyxis 2017
Full colored reference of her strongest design. I love the dinamic of her hair, so wanted to keep that.
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Concept Art

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