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Currently developing my original characters stories and showing their evolution during these years.


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Soul Eater

Pet Character Contest 2018. January 2019 Artstation My entry for the Pet Character Contest. And also a good piece to be my first post here! She's my cat Simone, in a shogun concept. She tends to hurt herself or be in danger, almost died two times, so here as a soul eater must collect souls to keep living and as in this illustration has five lives left.

Joseph - Unicorn Knight

New concept art June 2019

Joseph - Unicorn Knight

Original character design. May 2017

Mia - Crystal Witch

Original character design. May 2017

Tarot Wizard

Character Design Challenge 25/7/17

Punk Soul Eater

Character Design Challenge 29/9/17

Candy Monster

Character Design Challenge 15/10/17

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